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Jan , · Abstract. Mutations in the GJB gene, which encodes the gap junction protein connexin (Cx), are the primary cause of hereditary prelingual hearing impairment. Here, the p.CysTyr missense mutation of Cx (CxCY), previously classified as a polymorphism, has been identified as causative of severe hearing loss in two Qatari families.

Sep , · The total protein concentration in HEKT cells and exosomes was analyzed in triplicates by a BCA protein assay kit according to manufactures instruction. The protein samples were subjected by SDSPAGE, and then electrotransferred onto a polyvinylidene difluoride membrane (Millipore). The loaded protein content in each sample was g.

Nov , · As a member of the wwPDB, the RCSB PDB curates and annotates PDB data according to agreed upon standards. The RCSB PDB also provides a variety of tools and resources. Users can perform simple and advanced searches based on annotations relating to sequence, structure and function. These molecules are visualized, downloaded, and analyzed by users who range from students to specialized scientists.

May , · Connexin (Cx) mutations are reported to cause congenital cataract probably through the disruption of intercellular transport in the lens. Cx mutants that undergo mistrafficking have generally been associated with failure to form functional gap junction channels; however, sometimes even properly trafficked mutants were found to undergo similar consequences.

A Monomeric Photoconvertible Fluorescent Protein for Imaging of Dynamic Protein Localization Hiofan Hoi, Nathan C. Shaner, Michael W. Davidson, Christopher W. Cairo,, Jiwu Wang and Robert E. Campbell Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada TG G Allele Biotechnology, Mesa Rim Road, San Diego ...

several animal models. In mammals, out of the connexin genes present in mice (Mus musculus), can be arranged as orthologous pairs with the connexins present in humans [,]. Meanwhile, in zebrash (Danio rerio), up to connexin genes have been characterized. This is the largest connexin gene family described thus far [,].

Jan , · The lens is an avascular organ composed of an anterior epithelial cell layer and fiber cells that form the bulk of the organ. The lens expresses connexin (Cx), connexin (Cx) and connexin (Cx). Epithelial Cx has critical roles in cell proliferation and differentiation, likely involving growth factordependent signaling pathways. Both Cx and Cx are crucial for lens transparency ...

Jul , · Phosphorylation of connexin by protein kinase A enhances gap junction and hemichannel function. J Biol Chem , (). CAS Article PubMed PubMed Central Google Scholar

An electrostatic mechanism for Ca (+)mediated regulation of gap junction channels. Nat Commun. Jan ;:. doi: /ncomms.

Apr , · Connexin (Cx) protein forms gap junction (GJ) channels in pancreatic beta cells and is also the main Cx isoform forming electrical synapses in the adult mammalian brain. Cx GJs can be regulated by intracellular pH (pHi) and cytosolic magnesium ion concentration ([Mg+]i), which can vary significantly under various physiological and pathological conditions. However, the combined effect ...

Mar , · Connexin channels mediate electrical coupling, intercellular molecular signaling, and extracellular release of signaling molecules. Connexin proteins assemble intracellularly as hexamers to form plasma membrane hemichannels. The docking of two hemichannels in apposed cells forms a gap junction channel that allows direct electrical and selective cytoplasmic communication between adjacent cells ...

however, are the nonprotein components of the celltocell junction that are now resolved. A bouquet of ordered lipid acyl chains is held in place by each of the connexin subunits, which appear to buttress the channel assembly by lling a cavity formed at the lateral subunit interfaces (Fig. a, c, d; blue). Surprisingly,

mRNA and protein expressions were upregulated by daily administra tions of units of hCG, starting on day and reaching a fold maximum increment on days through . It remained elevated above the basal level even days after hCG withdrawal. The changes in Ãcaseinexpression ran parallel to that of Cx, whereas the expression of

Las dicultades de conexin pueden surgir debido a problemas con cuentas de equipos o cuentas de usuarios, as como, problemas fsicos en la red. El soporte de seguridad abarca problemas relacionados con la proteccin contra virus en una PC individual o en la red, hasta la seguridad fsica de las PCs de la escuela.

Dec , · Connexin channels are ubiquitous, providing pathways for movement of molecules between cells (junctional channels) and for release of molecular effectors into the extracellular environment (plasma membrane hemichannels). To maintain an adequate permeability barrier, hemichannels are tightly regulated by normal extracellular Ca+ to be closed under most conditions. Connexin mutations that ...

model of connexin (Cx) connexon, starting from the crystallographic structure of connexin (Cx), which has a high level of sequence similarity in respect to Cx. The Cx connexon model was simulated by molecular dynamics for ns, both in the normal

May , · membranes Article Simulations on Simple Models of Connexin Hemichannels Indicate That Ca+ Blocking Is Not a Pure Electrostatic Effect Felipe Villanelo ,, Jorge Carrasco ,, Joaquin JensenFlores ,, Jose Antonio Garate and Tomas PerezAcle ,,,*

May , · Hemichannels (HC) are eukariotic protein channels that connects a cell with the extracellular space, allowing the interchange of a wide range of solutes, from ions to small peptides. An HC can bind to another HC in an adjacent cell to form a gap junction channel (GJC). HCs are composed of six subunits of the connexin protein. HCs and GJCs are

Connexin expression patterns in diseased human corneas JIAJIE ZHAI, QIN WANG and LIANG TAO Department of Pharmacology, Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun YatSen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong , P.R. China Received August , ; Accepted January , DOI: /etm Correspondence to: Professor Liang Tao, Department

Jul , · electrostatic interactions between HCMinvolved arginine residues on the myosin mesa and HCMinvolved aspartate/glutamic residues on the proximal part of S It was previously proposed that the myosin mesa on the globular S head of human cardiac myosin might interact with its own S coiledcoil tail and/or with myosin binding proteinC

May , · Connexin (Cx) is the most abundant and beststudied mammalian connexin. Cxbased gap junctional communication is of a particular interest because it is regulated by both physiological and pathophysiological stimuli.

j of a lens GJ channel, we studied connexin mutant GJ channels, where a negatively or positively charged residue was introduced into a porelining domain. The results indicate that the pore surface electrostatic potential is a dictating factor for the connexin GJ channel j.

in connexins the structural and electrostatic parameters that determine channel conductance properties and gating charge movement are closely linked and interact. The properties of connexin channels are dened by their specic composition. There are human connexin isoforms (Willecke et al., ). Almost all cellular types, with a few ...

Jul , · Magnesium and calcium, even having the same charge, showed different affinity for the explored protein. From the calcium binding sites referred above, we found that the magnesium dications only binds strongly to the GLU site of one connexin. For the sodium and potassium simulations, no specific interactions with the protein were found.

Patrizia Andreozzi,, Adalberto Bonincontro, and, Camillo La Mesa. Electrostatic Interactions between a Protein and Oppositely Charged Micelles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B , () , . DOI: /jp.