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Sep , · Nomex® is the brand name for a heat and flameresistant textile made by the DuPont chemical company. Technically, it&#;s called a synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer (and, in the original Nomex patent , it&#;s referred to as a "polycarbonamide"), but let&#;s not get bogged down with jargon .

dupont nomex. Made in the USA and Imported. Dupont Nomex is used in fire fighter, Aerospace, military such as body armor, yet can be lightweight, comfy and thermally safer. It helps boost the total toughness and strength. And dupont nomex fiber is naturally flame resistant, hard and pliable. High exrreme heat would not cause gloves to melt.

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DuPont Nomex® fibers are heat and flameresistant, and are used in protective fabrics, garments, insulation, and other highperformance applications to help provide protection to millions of people and processes worldwide.

Nomex® LAM is a paper designed for use in electrical flexible laminate insulation. It is produced in three thicknesses: mm ( mil), mm ( mil) and mm ( mil). Nomex® based laminates are used to create highintegrity electrical insulation for motors, generators and transformers. Several laminate constructions exist.

Nomex® is a flame resistant fiber that is useful across a wide variety of industries from firefighter turnout gear to transformer insulation.

Nomex® fabric solutions. The new look of protection. The tested and proven performance of DuPont Nomex ® is now available in lightweight, comfortable, highly breathable fabrics that meet or exceed international standards for protection and performance. From arc flash to heat and flame, Nomex ® fabric helps you face every job with confidence.

DuPont introduces Nomex® XF High Temperature Flame Barrier, a unique solution for your flame barrier applications. Nomex® XF is a unique material that helps protect aluminum fuselage aircraft by providing a robust, durable and lightweight flame barrier that can help prevent outside fire from penetrating an aircraft cabin, allowing passengers additional time to escape such a hazard.

Nomex® Series Designed specifically for liquidimmersed transformers, the DuPont Nomex ® Series provides an ideal insulation solution, helping to enable increased short and longterm reliability or reduced size and weight with greater power density.

Nomex® Corian® Tyvek® ... DuPont, the DuPont Oval Logo, and all trademarks and service marks denoted with , or ® are owned by affiliates of DuPont de ...

DuPont ®Nomex paper Type is an insulation paper which offers high inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience. Nomex®paper Type is the original form of Nomex®paper, and is widely used in a majority of electrical equipment applications. DuPont Nomex Paper Type Precision Punch & Plastics

DuPont Nomex® brand paper has been assigned a TI of °C and is consequently known in the industry as a °C material.

Nomex® is used in all types of rotating equipment, from AC and DC to random and form wound, and in sizes from miniature servo motors to kV industrial drives and MW steamturbine generators. Additionally, Nomex® papers and pressboards provide significant advantages to users of motors and generators.

Fire is unpredictable. And deadly. Thats why workers who face onthejob threats of fire and electric arc hazards rely on (FR) clothing made with DuPont Nomex®. Every day around the world, in labs, on battlefields, in burning buildings and countless other hot spots, this advanced fiber helps keep millions of workers safe from extreme danger.

DuPont Nomex Honeycomb Core Material . / cell size, lbs/ft density *Note: Oversized Shipping Charges May Apply. Due to the large size of these panels shipping weight is based on dimensional weight, not actual weight which results in a shipping weight that is greater than the actual weight of the product.

The Nomex ® family is considered a premium class of fabrics for rubber reinforcement. Here&#;s what DuPont says about the advantages of Nomex ®: "Nomex ® contains a blend of at least % Kevlar ® to add greater protection, and a blend of proprietary antistat fibers to provide permanent antistatic characteristics.

DuPont Nomex® fibre is a first choice for fire brigades, police, military and industrial workers who rely on its inherently flame resistant properties to help keep them safe from the hazards they face.

DuPont Nomex ® is an incredibly durable, inherently flameresistant metaaramid fiber. The unique chemical structure of Nomex ® fibers is nonflammable so performance is built in and it cant be washed or worn away.

Durable Kevlar® & Nomex® RipStop uppers with waterproof AraShield lowers protect your legs from the harshest conditions. RipandStick " wide FR Velcro® closures allow easy on/off. Gaiters are secured on top with /" wide FR webbing & buckle. Boot lace hook and tapered ankle provide a snug fit around boot.

Nomex ® is an inherently heat and flameresistant fiber that wont melt, drip or support combustion providing a superior barrier between for whats inside from the hazards around it. What is Nomex ® Tested for the hazards you face ThermoMan ® is the worlds most advanced lifesize thermal burn evaluation system.

filament yarns and staple fibers of NOMEX®, including a listing of the products sold in North America. Outside North America, contact your local DuPont Representative, since product names and type designations may be different. Type NOMEX® A high crystalinity natural filament yarn of NOMEX® with

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Nomex® Essential Ripstop is a highstrength, ripstop fabric, designed for maximum protection and versatility in the harshest conditions. The inherent FR protection cannot be washed out or worn away, and the construction of the fabric features a reinforced weave pattern for improved resistance to tearing and ripping.